Bow and Arrow Bracelet

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, was said to carry a golden bow and arrow.  Cupid is also remembered for his arrows of affection.  What weapon will you employ to win... Learn More

Gladiator Bracelet

Did you know that the Roman royalty often offered up their gladiator fights to Jupiter, God of Sky and Thunder?  Well I'd like the make the same offering on your... Learn More

Gladiator Chain Bracelet

In the arena, most gladiators were heavily armored for combat for their fatal battles. Our encounters today don't carry such a critical significance, but they can seem deadly in their... Learn More


Gladiator Double Chain Bracelet

The Romans devoted their gladiator fights to Jupiter, God of Sky and Thunder and interestingly enough, the deities of Roman days often were illustrated with many human characteristics.  Super-human if... Learn More


Star Double Chain Bracelet

A shooting star is often a good luck omen, a harbinger of exciting new things to come right around the corner.  Well I was made with a shooting star in... Learn More

Tree of Life Bracelet

The tree of life is a symbol explored by many cultures and religions.  My favorite take on my mystical power is a movie called 'The Fountain'.  In the film, a... Learn More