With This Ring

A Family Affair

When this blushing bride approached us to make a ring our eyes filled with tears.  This wife-to-be is an old friend who we consider to be family.  We were so... Learn More

A Perfect Fit

This dynamic duo is not only gorgeous (inside and out), silly, interesting and fun, but they gave us a ton of creative freedom when creating a set of rings that... Learn More


Jewelry is a physical representation of a powerful memory in someone’s life.  Not only do we get to create art, but art that holds a place in the recipient’s heart. ... Learn More

Architectural Delight

When our best friend's baby brother reached out to build an engagement ring for his beloved we were floored.  Long gone were the innocent days of youth, sled riding and... Learn More

California Dreaming

This amazing client knew exactly what he wanted, a classic round brilliant with a halo. One of my amazing Salt + Stone fans had put us in touch. This nervous... Learn More

Choose Your Own Adventure

This classic love story has a very shy, sweet and smart groom who was a former colleague.  Always a patient friend, he would help me pour through spreadsheets and teach... Learn More

Diamond Castle

True love is hard to find.  When you find it, you are instantly enveloped with all it's joy, beauty and mystery.  Suddenly the world is bright and colorful.  What would... Learn More

Fairy Tale

These newlyweds have a romantic story that fairy tales are made of.  When they two met on the job, it was love at first sight.  Once upon a time this... Learn More

Frozen in Time

There are certain life changing moments that happen and seem to shift everything.  The first powerful memory this beautiful couple shares is their chance meeting at a local gym.  They... Learn More