Gladiator Circle Drop Earring

A gladiator is noble, courageous and strong; willing to fight to the death for honor and prestige.  In a society where the rules of engagement are often blurred, I hope... Learn More


Gladiator Hoop Earrings

Where does your strength lie?  In your head?  In your heart?  Gladiators entered combat with their lives on the line, willing to commit their final act all in the name... Learn More


Gladiator Stud Earring

Courage is derived from the Latin word 'cor', meaning heart.  The original definition of courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.  Gladiators epitomized... Learn More

Green Gumdrop Earrings

Among the oldest good luck and healing stones, agates help the wearer determine true friends from false ones.  Slide me onto your ears and feel transformed into a goddess of... Learn More

Pebble Single Drop Earring

In a fun philosophical account about the important things in life, a professor fills a jar with golf balls, pebbles, and sand .  The golf balls represent your loved ones,... Learn More

Pebble Triple Drop Earring

The tale of Hansel and Gretel has a dark undertone with a happy ending.  What strikes me most about this story is the courage of these two young souls and... Learn More

Purple Gumdrop Earrings

If there was an earring good enough to eat, well that would be me of course!  Over 4 carats of deep dark decadent Amethyst will adorn each ear in a... Learn More

Red Gumdrop Earrings

Starting a new business?  Feeling a bit down?  Well don't you need some garnet in your life!  This luminous red stone will always restore balance in your life by purifying... Learn More

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