Gladiator Band Ring

Life is full of risks, but there is empirical evidence that those who are successful know all about failure and uncertainty.  Those who prosper know that small defeats are only... Learn More


Gladiator Bangles

Gladiator fights are an ancient Roman institution that held together the fabric of social hierarchy  for over 700 years.  The status of the gladiators is quite paradoxical.  In the beginning... Learn More


Gladiator Bracelet

Did you know that the Roman royalty often offered up their gladiator fights to Jupiter, God of Sky and Thunder?  Well I'd like the make the same offering on your... Learn More

Gladiator Chain Bracelet

In the arena, most gladiators were heavily armored for combat for their fatal battles. Our encounters today don't carry such a critical significance, but they can seem deadly in their... Learn More


Gladiator Chain Necklace

Don't you think jewelry should be powerful, classic and subtle all at the same time?  Me too!  Much like a humble gladiator, I will add just the right amount of... Learn More


Gladiator Circle Drop Earring

A gladiator is noble, courageous and strong; willing to fight to the death for honor and prestige.  In a society where the rules of engagement are often blurred, I hope... Learn More


Gladiator Compass Pendant

Where will your compass lead you on your journey? My travels include tourmalines in every color of the rainbow. Does your adventure include a voyage to a foreign land?  A... Learn More

Gladiator Cuff

Calling all the wonder women in the world.  Do you feel mighty and strong?  Some days you wake and feel like you can conquer the world.  Some days you might... Learn More

Gladiator Double Chain Bracelet

The Romans devoted their gladiator fights to Jupiter, God of Sky and Thunder and interestingly enough, the deities of Roman days often were illustrated with many human characteristics.  Super-human if... Learn More


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