Blue Gumdrop Ring

Green tourmaline is said to be the most healing stone for the physical heart and creates emotional stability.  Lapis helps you tap into your higher mind and enhances your intellectually... Learn More

Dark Blue Gumdrop Band Ring

Athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom might not immediately come to mind while you are being seduced by my succulent colors.  But did you know that dark blue... Learn More

Green Gumdrop Earrings

Among the oldest good luck and healing stones, agates help the wearer determine true friends from false ones.  Slide me onto your ears and feel transformed into a goddess of... Learn More

Gumdrop Ring

When geology and chemistry meet it's amazing what they can create.  I have been formed with your best interests in mind.  Lapis is said to be a universal symbol of... Learn More

Light Blue Gumdrop Band Ring

Persian tourquoise, pink tourmaline and white agate!  Oh My!  I have been created with custom cut gemstones that curve around your finger.  Think of them as custom cut mini sculptures... Learn More

Mini Gumdrop Pendant

A pendant that can be worn 4 ways?  Yes, you really can have it all.  I come with a sterling silver element reminiscent of Moorish architecture and a brightly colored... Learn More


Orange Gumdrop Pendant

Looking for a fresh start?  Look no further.  Citrine is a cleansing gemstone.  With its pure yellow energy it's said to give life to new beginnings and to ward off... Learn More

Purple Gumdrop Band Ring

Do you wish to enhance your intuition and imagination?  Well, you've come to the right place.  Orange moonstone enhances the best parts of you and will ignite the passion that... Learn More

Purple Gumdrop Earrings

If there was an earring good enough to eat, well that would be me of course!  Over 4 carats of deep dark decadent Amethyst will adorn each ear in a... Learn More

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