Love Note

Arrow Pendant

When you commence research on the mystery and power of the mighty arrow it's not shocking to discover that this ingenious tool existed long before man began his historical record.... Learn More


Arrow Ring

Cupid, the love son of the Goddess Venus, had a bad habit of piercing his subjects with arrows of desire.  Would this ancient mythological creature be welcomed in modern times?... Learn More


Bow and Arrow Bracelet

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, was said to carry a golden bow and arrow.  Cupid is also remembered for his arrows of affection.  What weapon will you employ to win... Learn More

Bow and Arrow Pendant

The storm is always at its darkest right before the rainbow.  The same mechanics employ the bow and arrow.  When you feel the heaviness of your daily life pulling you... Learn More

Crown Pendant

Historians date crowns back to Egypt, 3500 BC.  Back then the gods and goddesses embellished their appearance with a white crown.  It was speculated to be crafted either of leaves or felt,... Learn More