Coral Cocktail Ring

Sterling Silver, 18KT Yellow Gold and Pink Toumaline Learn More

Coral Ring

Superwomen? Oh stop, I'm blushing. Yes, it's true I can absorb nutrients directly from the ocean waters, but we all have our talents. I've recently heard about yours! It's not... Learn More


Large Stingray Pendant

Did you know I'm a venomous creature?  Usually folks are surprised to discover that I can poison my pray as I move so playfully and gracefully through the waves.  I... Learn More

Reef Ring

Darwin called me a paradox, but I like to see myself as mysterious. I like to grow in nutrient deficient ocean waters and create gorgeous paradises, little ocean oases, if... Learn More


Sea Fossil Pendant

Fossils give us a three dimensional glimpse of our planet's ancient ecosystem.  They are formed deep within our earth's core through a process that is reminiscent of the lost wax... Learn More

Sea Kelp Earrings

Did you know I'm probably the most important plant in the ocean's ecosystem? It's ok, I like to keep a low profile. My long wavy stalks move gently with the... Learn More


Sea Kelp Ring

Simple, subtle and keeping a low profile. That's how I like to operate. You'll often find me deep below the sea surface swaying with the rippling tides. Easy to miss me... Learn More


Sea Star Ring

I would like to kindly remind you that no, I'm not a fish! I don't have gills, scales or fins and I definitely don't propel myself through the water in... Learn More


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