Pebble Bangle

Is there not a modern day romance without a pebble being thrown at someone's glass window?  In our contemporary tale of Romeo the stakes aren't stacked quite as high.  We... Learn More


Pebble Chain Necklace

There is a metaphor in the bible regarding a white pebble.  Loosely translated it has the following meaning: "You have three selves: The person that you think you are, the... Learn More

Pebble Orbit Band Ring

Pebbles have great legend.  As the story goes, a bunch of nomads were traveling and were suddenly engulfed by a great light.  It spoke to them: "Gather as many pebbles... Learn More


Pebble Single Drop Earring

In a fun philosophical account about the important things in life, a professor fills a jar with golf balls, pebbles, and sand .  The golf balls represent your loved ones,... Learn More

Pebble Triple Drop Earring

The tale of Hansel and Gretel has a dark undertone with a happy ending.  What strikes me most about this story is the courage of these two young souls and... Learn More

Star Double Chain Bracelet

A shooting star is often a good luck omen, a harbinger of exciting new things to come right around the corner.  Well I was made with a shooting star in... Learn More

Star Pendant

Starlight starbight, what does your rhyme look like?  Did you wish for prince charming or a palace by the sea?  Do your dreams include mystic creatures or magical forests?  Perhaps... Learn More