Arrow Pendant

When you commence research on the mystery and power of the mighty arrow it's not shocking to discover that this ingenious tool existed long before man began his historical record.... Learn More


Bow and Arrow Pendant

The storm is always at its darkest right before the rainbow.  The same mechanics employ the bow and arrow.  When you feel the heaviness of your daily life pulling you... Learn More

Coral Pendant

I might seem like I had a tough exterior, but at my core I'm all heart.  I've been known to protect many a sea creature from a vicious predator, provide... Learn More

Crown Pendant

Historians date crowns back to Egypt, 3500 BC.  Back then the gods and goddesses embellished their appearance with a white crown.  It was speculated to be crafted either of leaves or felt,... Learn More


Emerald City Pendant

Some say the Emerald City glowed a bright green to signify the almighty dollar which sheds a comparable hue.  Both possess value based upon an illusion shared by many.  Hey,... Learn More

Gladiator Compass Pendant

Where will your compass lead you on your journey? My travels include tourmalines in every color of the rainbow. Does your adventure include a voyage to a foreign land?  A... Learn More

Gladiator Stone Pendant

Do stones really have a story to tell?  Well I don't just plan on adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit, but a bit of meaning to your journey. ... Learn More


Heart Pendant

The history of the heart has a interesting tale.  How did this part of our anatomy become so closely associated with the emotion of adoration?  It was of said to... Learn More


Large Stingray Pendant

Did you know I'm a venomous creature?  Usually folks are surprised to discover that I can poison my pray as I move so playfully and gracefully through the waves.  I... Learn More